Yours Truly, Darrell Som

CaLi G baby
I got 24 hourz

I got 24 hourz

yndrxx89 asked: Tomorrow is my first day going to the gym. Mid twenties tall and skinny here. I have no idea on how to workout. Plus im doing this all alone. Any advice on getting started?

Alright bro…

do the young pull up, push ups & also cardio <—- #warmups

then you start building a routine like you workout different muscles on different days. Like me…I work out Monday: shoulders Tuesday: Chest, I workout those out here & there through out the whole week but on Tuesday I go fuLL throttLe man! Wednesday: Triceps/bieceps Thursday: Legs, try & work them twice a week Friday: Back! 
Pull up, push ups & cardio is my warm up

Outside on this hot day gettin it crackin&#160;!

Outside on this hot day gettin it crackin !

Oh hey, fresh out the weight room

Oh hey, fresh out the weight room

inparadyse asked: How did you reach your fitness goals? Like how did you learn what u needed too?

I haven’t reached my fitness goaLz I’m getting started my guy!!! We go hard everyday & eat !!!